We hope you find the information on this page helpful as you begin the scholarship search process.  The search below is updated frequently with new scholarships that become available for MHS students.  If a scholarship does not have a link to the application you need to stop in the Student Services Office to pick up the scholarship application. 
There are many free scholarship search Web sites available. A few examples are listed in the "Scholarship Resources" section on the right side of this page.
Students are encouraged to investigate scholarships through a variety of sources. Some of the best resources for scholarships include your parents' employers, your employer, churches and religious groups, fraternal and ethnic organizations, community service clubs, labor unions and industry groups. 
Many universities and colleges will offer scholarships to students based on academic merit, special talent, and/or financial need.  Students should access information from the financial aid or scholarship office at colleges to learn about the scholarship requirements and process. 
Thank you for planning ahead!

Please click the link below for further information on THE SCHOLARHSHIP SEARCH with sites listed for further opportunities.


Scholarship Search

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Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Community Service/Local Scholarships 3/31/2017 $500
Overcoming Challenges 3/31/2017 Varies
Financial Need 3/31/2017 $500
Community Service/Local Scholarships 3/31/2017 $750
Financial Need 3/31/2017 $1,000
Athletic 4/1/2017 Varies
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/1/2017 $1,000
Memorials 4/7/2017 $500
Memorials 4/7/2017 $500
Memorials 4/7/2017 $1,033
Memorials 4/7/2017 $500
Athletic 4/7/2017 $300
Field of study 4/7/2017 $1,000
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/7/2017 $500
Financial Need 4/13/2017 Varies
Memorials 4/13/2017 $1,000
Athletic 4/15/2017 $1,000
Athletic 4/15/2017 TBA
Field of study 4/15/2017 $1,000
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/21/2017 Varies
Memorials 4/24/2017 Varies
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/24/2017 $1,000
Athletic 4/24/2017 $500
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/26/2017 $350
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/27/2017 $500
Community Service/Local Scholarships 4/28/2017 $1,000
Financial Need 4/30/2017 Varies
Overcoming Challenges 4/30/2017 $500
Community Service/Local Scholarships 5/1/2017 $400
Financial Need 5/19/2017 $1,000
Essay Contests 5/30/2017 Varies
Field of study 6/30/2017 $1,000

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