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The History of Tess Corners School
Tess Comers School District #1 was established in 1838. It was the first in southeastern Waukesha County. A small log structure was built on a parcel of land located approximately at the intersection of Tess Corners Drive and Sherwood Circle, where all eight grades were taught. This building was used until the school district purchased land at the present site in 1876.

A one room wood structure was built. By 1890 an additional one room cream city brick schoolhouse was built right next to the wood school. Each building had four grades in them. The children from the neighborhood in the winter would go tobogganing on Janesville Rd. from the schoolhouse east down the hill and stop in From of St. Paul's Church.
In 1925, a new two room red brick structure was built. The other two buildings were torn down. Between 1925 and 1951, every inch of space was used for classrooms including the basement. 

In the spring of 1953, construction of a four room addition, kitchen and storage area was completed. Each year 100 - 150 students were being enrolled.Another expansion including 4 more classrooms, gymnasium with a stage, a boiler room, storeroom and two combined toilet-showers was completed in 1956.

By 1958, all the classrooms were filled and the lunchroom was even put into use.
In 1959, excavation began for the footings of another addition which included seven additional classrooms, office space and a new kitchen. The second phase of this project was completed in the spring of 1961. A two-story unit was added to the south end of the east wing. This included eight classrooms, two kindergarten rooms, teacher's room, and speech room. The total cost was $180,000.  

In 1960, the school consolidated with other Muskego schools. The new school district drew new border lines which helped with the overcrowding of the school.

Tess Corners School has been through many changes and additions throughout the past 161 years. However; it has always been filled with caring and enthusiastic children, teachers and parents. This enthusiasm for learning will certainly continue into the next century.

School history written by:
Charles H. Damaske 

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