2016-2017 CM PTO Committees

All School Directory Coordinator- Tracy Blair  btblair@wi.rr.comn    Collects all the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails from Country Meadows familiesThen prints up the book and distributes them to the student body.  Normally completed by October.

All School Picnic (Olympic Day) Coordinator(s)-  Shari Engstrom shariengstrom@hotmail.com   Plans for the second to last day of school an entire day devoted to games and entertainment for the entire student body. This event includes planning a lunch too.

Birthday Club Coordinator(s)- Kristy Hermes bradandkristy@earthlink.com      Obtains list from school for monthly birthdays.  Coordinates helpers to bake and distribute cupcakes to the children who are celebrating their birthday in that month.  Also decorates the birthday bulletin board.

Book Fair Coordinator- Kimberly Molumby pumpkim599@hotmail.com  Shelly Gibson jos_gibson@yahoo.com   Coordinates the book fair. 

Box Tops Coordinator-Jill Richlen jillrichlen@gmail.com  Coordinates a monthly fundraiser for collecting Box tops labels.  After collecting the labels, cuts and labels them according to General Mill’s requirements.

Campbell Soup Labels–  Jill Richlen jillrichlen@gmail.com Coordinates a monthly fundraiser for collecting Campbell soup labels.  After collecting the labels, cuts and labels them according to Campbell’s requirements.

Eagle to Eaglet Program- VACANT This coordinator introduces veteran CM parents with new CM parents.  These parents are there to mentor the new families.

Fourth Grade Celebration Coordinator(s)-  Tracy Blair btblair@wi.rr.com    Plans a party for the graduating fourth grade class.  Must be a parent of a fourth grader.

Heathy Kids Coordinator(s)- Michelle Smith michelly1712@gmail.com     This coordinator(s) takes the lead with organizing the yearly meetings to set up interesting healthy facts.  Coordinating the healthy kids bulletin board and lunch room food themes.

Main Fundraiser-Tracy Blair btblair@wi.rr.com  Coordinates the signage encouraging students to donate to the PTO and collects the donations.

Pennies for Patients Coordinator (s):   Sarah Henneberry  s.henneberry@ocfsd.org  Collects and coordinates the pennies fundraiser.

P.R.E.P. (Parents Reaching Every Pupil) Helper (s)   Parents that assist with office help throughout the school calendar year.

Restaurant/Event Fundraising Coordinator: Laura Gentile lgentile@wi.rr.com    Arranges monthly restaurant or event fundraisers to support the PTO.

Ronald McDonald Soda Tabs Coordinator- VACANT Collects and drops off tabs at the Ronald McDonald House.

School Spiritwear Coordinator(s)-  Jennifer Mortonson  jmortonson@earthlink.net  Coordinates spirit wear sales and on occasion promotes spirit wear by having incentives to wearing spirit wear.

Science Fair Coordinator(s)-   Tracy Blair  btblair@wi.rr.com   Coordinates the science fair kick off, orders ribbons, sets up fair and works with teenagers from the high school for judging the fair.

Sign Coordinator- Ally Ruesch ally.beisiegel@gmail.com   Coordinator of posting on the outdoor sign, also helps upkeep the landscaping.

Social Events Coordinator(s)- Tracy Blair  btblair@wi.rr.com  and Suzanna Karlovich  susie77@gmail.com   Plans the event and coordinates the activities for the evening.  Also is in charge of getting volunteers for the event. Event include: Fall Dance, Grandparent/VIP Day, Read In, Pool Party, Talent Show and Movie Night.

Sunshine Coordinator:  Laurie Buxengard lbuxengard@wi.rr.com  Send well wishes to either families and/or staff for numerous events that occur within their lives.

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator(s)- Cheridy Mork jcmork@gmail.com  and Jenell Klovas jenell5@wi.rr.com   Plans for the first week of May, teacher appreciation week.  Coordinates prizes, luncheons, thank yous and gifts for the teachers.

Teacher’s Conferences Dinner Coordinator- Kim Redmond  sredmond@wi.rr.com      Arranges a flyer to have parents donate food for the dinner.  Sets up the space for the dinner and coordinates the donations given by the parents. This is done in the Fall and Spring.

Yearbook Coordinator(s): Tracy Blair btblair@wi.rr.com  Help create the end of the year, yearbook that represents the events and classrooms of Country Meadows


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