BLMS Athletics

The Co-curricular Activity Progam of the Lake Denoon Middle School is a vital part of our educational system.  The Co-curricular Program consists of clubs, activities, and athletic teams.  The primary purpose of these programs is to assist students in growing and maturing into responsible members of our school and community.  These activities are, and will continue to be, an important part of secondary school life.  Co-curricular activities may be referred to as the 'other half of education.'  These clubs, activities, and teams, provide students the opportunity to learn how to work in a productive relationship with a variety of people, how to deal with success and failure, the importance of self-discipline and mental pursuits, the ideals of team work and respect for others' feelings and attitudes.

BLMS Athletic and Activities Coordinator:
Mr. Robert Radke
(262) 971-1820 x7428 

  • Bay Lane Middle School
  • S75 W16399 Hilltop Drive, Muskego, WI 53150
  • Phone: 262-971-1810  •  Fax: 414-422-2204