Advanced Learner

K-12 programming options are aligned with the Wisconsin Comprehensive and Integrated Model for gifted education and Wisconsin's RtI Roadmap.  In these models, options and services become more specialized as student needs become greater.

Within the small population of students identified with gifted education needs, additional variances in ability, aptitude and achievement exist.  





Tier 1 represents most gifted learners, whose needs can usually be met through differentiations of instruction and modifications of curriculum within the general grade level classroom.  For example, a student may complete an independent project.

Tier 2 represents a smaller percent of gifted learners, whose needs can often be met within the general grade level classroom with more specific, intentional planning by the teacher.

Tier 3 represents the rare and unique population of gifted learners whose needs are so profound that they require extraordinary services and options beyond the general grade level classroom.  For example a student may be considered for a full grade level acceleration.

These options and procedural guidelines for programming services are described more fully in the district handbook, which is linked on the right side of this webpage.




DIstrict Contacts

Country Meadows Elementary - Courtney Arntzen, Principal - (262) 971­-1815
Lakeview Elementary - Alyson Eisch, Principal - (262) 971­-1850
Mill Valley Elementary - Robin Schrot, Principal - (262) 971­-1830
Muskego Elementary - Robin Schrot, Principal - (262) 971­-1840
Tess Corners Elementary - Sara Stanley, Principal - (414) 971­-1860
Bay Lane Middle School - Guidance Staff - (262) 971­-1810
Lake Denoon Middle School - Guidance Staff - (262) 971­-1820
Muskego High School - Guidance Staff - (262) 971­-1790
District Director of Elementary Student Learning - Dawn Marisch - (262) 971­-1800
District Director of Seondary Student Learning - Kristi Brooks - (262) 971­-1800
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